Racial assault an isolated incident


Nelson Police say the recent assault on a Burmese woman was an isolated incident and was a demonstration of behaviour and attitudes by one individual that the vast majority of Nelsonians would deplore.

Senior Sergeant Shane Miles said there had been no other recent reports of racially motivated incidents in the area. He said any historic matters had been fully investigated and resulted in prosecution of the offenders.

“The refugee and immigrant communities in Nelson should be reassured that Police in New Zealand take these matters very seriously. Our aim is to identify the person responsible and put them before the court,” he said.

Senior Sergeant Miles said Police in Nelson were very proactive about getting to know new immigrants and building a positive rapport with them.

“We are aware that some people in our community come from countries where there is an element of fear or mistrust of their law enforcement agency. We aim to build the trust and confidence of these people so they will feel comfortable contacting Police if they require assistance.

Nelson Police have a Community Team  who, as part of their role, work closely with a range of immigrant groups and support agencies.

Senior Sergeant Miles said Police were hoping to speak with the woman who intervened in the incident today. He said they were still keen to speak to anyone else who witnessed the incident about 7.30 on Tuesday morning. Anyone with information should call Nelson Police Ph 5463840.