Hira kindy students enjoy tasty cauliflower soup made from leaves and stalks

Kindy learns to reduce food waste


Children and Mums at Hira Kindergarten today unanimously voted ten out of ten for Chef Michael McMeeken’s cauliflower soup.

The soup was made out of whole cauliflowers, with leaves and stalks included.

Nelson Environment Centre educator Sarah Langi says the soup went down a treat.

“The only problem was that the children, who were served first, ordered seconds, and the Mums had to make do with smaller portions than they would have liked,” she says.

Streat KItchen chef Michael McMeeken shows how to cook with no waste
Streat KItchen chef Michael McMeeken shows kids and mums how to cook with no waste. PHOTO: Reader Supplied

The free soup was served as part of the Love Food, Hate Waste campaign, which encourages families with children to cut down on food waste. Food waste costs New Zealand households an average of $563 per year, totaling $872 million per year or enough to provide lunches for every school-aged child in New Zealand for 3 years.

By cooking the whole food item, such as cauliflowers and chickens, Streat Kitchen chef Michael demonstrated how you can save money and cut waste by creating more than one meal from a single food item.

“If you begin by cooking a whole chicken, you can make other meals from the leftovers, e.g. frittata, chicken salad buns, and tasty chicken soup. When making cauliflower cheese, you can make a creamy sauce from the cauliflower stalks, instead of flour and milk,” says Sarah.

Benges greengrocers donated the cauliflowers and L’Artisan bakery provided day old bread, which was frozen and re-heated before serving with the soup.

“The families made pledges to do one thing differently, and wrote them on leaves which they attached to the pledge tree. Most of the pledges were to make delicious soup from leaves and stalks,” Sarah says.

The Love Food Hate Waste campaign is funded locally by Nelson City and Tasman District councils and run by Nelson Environment Centre.

To find out more about the campaign, visit us on Facebook www.facebook.com/lovefoodhatewastenz

Local filmmaker Emma Heke has created a series of Youtube clips that demonstrate how Michael cooks to reduce waste.