VIDEO: Kids compete in aquatic bot build


A Ministry of Inspiration programme run this weekend gave kids the chance to build their own aquatic robot in preparation for an aquabot competition held later this year.

The aquabots, made up of PVC pipe, pool noodle foam, motors, film canisters, zip ties and electronic components, were constructed at Garin College with testing at the Henley School pool this afternoon.

The kit provided gives the kids a basic outline and requirements of how to put an aquabot together and the teams can then add their own creative flair.

Ministry of Inspiration teacher Amy Cornelisen says the project is just as much about working as a team and co-operating as it is learning about electronics.

She says the idea was adapted from an american MIT curriculum and the book ‘build your own underwater robot.

The Ministry of Inspiration will also bring the programme to a number of other areas in the upper South Island including Blenheim, Tapawera, Rai Valley and Karamea.

A regional competition will be held at the Richmond Aquatic Centre in October.