‘Crash risk’ corner to be redesigned


A temporary speed limit of 50km on Main Road Stoke has left some Nelson residents confused, with a small stretch of the road staying at 80km.

The speed limit was lowered from 80km to 50km around the entrance to Wakatu Estate earlier this month, after an accident at the intersection in May prompted the Nelson City Council to complete a crash reduction study.

A motorcyclist was also injured in a crash at the intersection in July.

But one small stretch of the road leading into the Salisbury Rd roundabout has been left at 80km, and one local resident, Wayne Sellers, has expressed confusion to the Nelson Weekly, asking why the council hasn’t made it all 50km.

“It’s only about a 400m section of road, so by the time you get up to 80km you have to slow back down to 50km again as you approach the roundabout,” he says. “You don’t gain anything, and it’s not saving any time.”

Wayne is also concerned that if drivers try to speed up quickly to 80km, and then slow down again in a hurry, it will cause more accidents.

“If anything, it will cause more problems,” he says.

“I just keep ticking along at 50km, but not everyone will be sensible.”

The council’s works and infrastructure committee chairman, Eric Davy, says the reason the small stretch of road has been left at 80km is because it’s not part of the “affected” area.

“We did discuss it, but we are bound by certain legal restrictions and can only place a temporary speed limit in the problem area,” he explains.

“I can’t see it causing any accidents.”

He says that he can see how it would be confusing for drivers, but emphasises that it is just a temporary measure.

“Once the intersection has been upgraded then the whole area will go back up to 80km again,” he explains.

Alec Louverdis, group manager of infrastructure at the council, says that plans to make changes to the intersection are still in the early stages and the design work is yet to be completed. It is hoped the work will be carried out within this financial year.