Cliff repair enters next stage for November completion


Work continues on the Rocks Rd cliff face as specialist abseilers begin laying 1400 square meters of steel mesh from next week.

Around 160 rock bolts have already been installed into the cliff with another 59 to go.

The anchors hold the steel mesh onto the cliff face which will then be coated in a 1600 square metre layer of either sprayed shotcrete or a special mat surfacing.

A number of drainage pipes have also been installed to disperse groundwater.

The original completion date was estimated for October but NZTA regional performance manager Mark Owen says the project is now due to be completed in November.

“We’ve had some challenges due to bad weather, but we’re encouraged by the project’s progress,” he says. “Once complete, the cliff will be more secure, improving the safety and resilience of Rocks Road.

“We’d like to thank the residents and road users for bearing with us while we get the work done to protect this important waterfront route for the people of Nelson.”