Wedding dress doing the rounds


When Donna Hippolite got married, her husband Sam was dying and the wedding had to be moved forward to beat his funeral.

Two years on Sam’s still going strong and Donna decided to pass on her “lucky dress” to another bride – for free. She put her dress on the Facebook page “Pay it Forward Nelson” and said “it’s free for a budding bride.” She then chose from the people replying and earlier this month the dress was used for its second wedding.

That same dress is now being passed on to a third bride and Donna says the positive response to it encouraged her to start a register of free wedding dresses.

“I just thought ‘hang on a minute, there’s so many people out there who can’t afford to get married and people have dresses sitting there, let’s do something’.”

Since Friday, Donna has had various wedding and flower girl dresses donated to be “paid forward”. Donna says everyone deserves to feel special on their wedding day but for a lot of people a dress is just too expensive.

She says anyone who would like to donate their wedding dresses can call her on 027 484 7737.