Trust wants to peek inside blokes’ sheds


While some sheds may be the final resting place for borer-ridden wood and rusting metal, there are others that are truly spectacular in their contents.

Luckily it’s the latter sheds that will be opened up to the public as part of a fundraiser for the Life Education Trust.

The Blokes in Sheds Tour has been running for a few years now and gives people the opportunity to peer into some classic kiwi sheds.

While half of the most popular sheds from last year’s event will be returning for this year’s tour, organisers are still on the lookout for some new gems to showcase.

“It’s about people being passionate about something. In the past we’ve had a guy with his model railway that he’s built in his garage, we’ve had people with collections and Nelson memorabilia, but we’ve also had people with sheds of motorcycles, cars and  restorations,” says Life Education Trust chairperson, Michelle Fitzgerald. “We’ve had a really mixed bag and I guess it’s just people who have a passion, or have a collection or something that other people might find interesting.”

Already organisers have secured Higgins Park, which features a range of groups including the steam and transport museums. The tour will also feature a brewery, distillery and much more that people can explore on the day.

“At the end of the day it’s win-win, because not only do they get an opportunity to show people what they’re doing and meet like-minded people, they also get an opportunity to give something back to the community,” says Michelle.

Life Education Trust is a charitable organisation that provides children with life skills from a mobile classroom. The organization is invited into primary and intermediate schools to educate students on a number of topics, from food and nutrition to social relationships and bullying.

The tour will be held on September 13, from 10am until 4pm. Shed owners with a passion or collection to share – or people wanting tickets or information on the tour – can  email [email protected] or call 541 8910.