Police called to fight in library


Children in the Richmond Public Library ran for cover this morning after a fight broke out between two men, smashing a computer and sending furniture flying.

The fight broke out at around 10am on Friday when a man entered the library and started pushing and swearing at another man sitting at one of the computers, according to young witness, Cameron Kennedy, aged eight, who was seated at the next computer.

After blows were exchanged, the man who started the altercation said “I’ll be back” and ran off, Cameron says.

“Some guy walked in and smashed over the computer and started swearing,” Cameron says. “They started fighting and this girl tried to stop them – I was really scared.”

Cameron’s brother Blake, aged seven, and friend Jade Gambitsis, aged 14, also witnessed the incident with Jade saying “we heard all this swearing and looked over and they were punching each other.”

Cameron says the librarian reacted quickly and moved the boys away from the computers.

The incident was also scary for seven-year-old Ella Sivignon who says “I was playing on the computer when this guy came in and pulled the man down so I ran to my mother. The computer got broken and the other guy punched him back.”

Although there were reports of a knife being pulled, acting senior sergeant Steffan James of the Nelson police says they attended the incident and are satisfied that the knife fell out of one of the men’s pockets during the altercation. Steffan says the two men

are known to each other and police and would be interviewed about the incident.

Although it was not a serious assault, Steffan says he is concerned that the fight broke out in a public library during the school holidays when there are lots of young children around. He says the fight was thought to be over “a matter on Facebook” and police will be reviewing the library’s security camera recording of the incident.