Are Nelsonians drinking enough water?


Over 60% of Nelsonians aren’t getting enough water, despite a vast majority admitting that they feel healthier when they do according to an independent survey, commissioned by SodaStream New Zealand.

The survey revealed that most Nelsonians drink around three to four glasses of water a day with three out of five people believing they are not drinking enough of the stuff.

80% say they usually wait until they are thirsty before drinking a glass of water and 40% say the main reason they don’t drink water is because they forget. 60% say they don’t take either a bottle of water or a soft drink to work.

Tea and coffee make up a large percentage of drinking habits with up to 60% listing it as their drink of preference. 60% also say they restrict their soft drink intake because it contains too much sugar.

Four out of five people say they feel healthier when they drink a lot of water.