Murder trial earns detective commendation


When Pip Greenland took on a complex murder inquiry last year she wasn’t yet a qualified detective, but she handled it like a pro and in the process sent the accused to jail and received a district commanders commendation for her work.

Detective Pip Greenland was awarded the commendation at a Nelson Police Pay Parade at the station on Friday. She was one of seven officers to receive an award, along with three non-sworn staff.

She says she was handed the murder inquiry early in the investigation and led it right through until after the trail that saw the accused found guilty of manslaughter of her husband and attempted murder of her daughter-in-law, and sent to jail.

“It was complex because they were arguing whether she was insane,” says Pip. “I had a feeling all along that there was something not right. Everyone said ‘oh no, she’s crazy, let’s go with it’ but I thought there was something in it and I didn’t believe she was insane, and that she was just a really good actress.”

The case started with around 60 witnesses that needed to be interviewed, along with managing suspects and victims. “The trial was a great result really and this award is great recognition, and nice because I did most of the work on it myself.”

Other awards included a 35 year service clasp to Detective Sergeant Mark Kaveney and Detective Sergeant Christ Roberts; a 28 year service clasp to Detective Sergeant Ian Langridge; a 21 year service badge to Tracey Ball; a 14 year service badge to Patricia Lenting and Marion Price; a 14 year long service and good conduct medal to Senior Constable Jude Yeoman; a certificate of service to ex-Senior Constable William Squires and a diploma in police workplace practice to Constable Micaela Rolton.