Mini speed attempt to get SKY doco


A world speed record attempt and to get a 1964 Mini to 175 mph (281km/h) will be filmed by a documentary team and aired on SKY television in September.

A film crew will travel with the team, headed by driver and engineer Nelson Hartley, to capture the story and their attempt to break their own record (set in 2012) at this year’s Bonneville Speed Week on the iconic Salt Flats in Utah, USA.

The 1964 Mini Cooper S made a last minute trip to Auckland this week to be loaded onboard an air freighter to Los Angeles. The Project 64 team behind the

Development of the car has taken longer than expected due the need to specially design and create parts for their highly tuned racing engines.

Engineer Bryan Hartley says the vehicle has the smoothest running 4 cylinder motor he’s ever had on his Dyno. The engine is made up of Classic Mini gearbox, transmission, and block, with a BMW motorcycle head, and turbocharger.

Mike Pero is sponsoring the the record breaking team and says breaking speed records is something New Zealanders are known for.

“We’re very proud to be part of this project. I think it is a ‘Kiwi thing’ wanting to break speed barriers on equipment that’s built right here down-under. This challenge is not too different to Burt Munro’s Indian speed record and has synergies with many other Kiwi motor-sporting successes. I believe these guys have every chance of setting a new world record.”

MINI Marketing Manager, Simonne Mearns says the Project 64 team is infectious with their excitement, enthusiasm and commitment to this adventure.

“We are amped to be onboard for the ride and wish them all the best in achieving their goal and beating their record.”

The team are scheduled to run each day on the Bonneville Salt Flats from the 8th to the 14 of August. They are aiming to break their own record of 146.6mph (235.9km/h) and hope to set a record well over their (unofficial) recorded top speed of 161mph (259km/h). The previous record in this class was 131mph (210km/h) and the previous fastest Mini record was 121mph (195km/h).


Specs for petrol-heads:

Driver: Nelson Hartley

CLASS: I/BGCC (under 1000cc turbo or supercharged petrol competition coupe)

BODY: 1964 Mk1 Mini Cooper S. External changes were minimal – a new grille was made to duct air into the intercooler, one front indicator became a duct for driver ventilation,

a power bulge was added to the bonnet for clearance, a vertical front air-dam was added and the underside of the Mini was clad in aluminium sheet to improve airflow.

ENGINE: A-Series 970 Cooper S spec engine with BMW K1200 motorcycle cylinder head, four-bolt main bearing caps, Specialist Components con rods, Ross forged pistons, specially developed Heritage Garage/Marine Crankshafts crankshaft, inter-cooled IHI turbo. Full engine management. 10000 max rpm. 350hp on pump fuel at the flywheel. Standard fuel tank but uprated fuel filter and pumps. Radiator replaced with a 70 litre ice cooled water tank in passenger cell.

TRANSMISSION: Straight-cut gearbox with tall final drive ratio.

SUSPENSION: Hi-Lo adjustable suspension and uprated dampers.

BRAKES: Non-servo-assisted setup. Discs up front, drums rear.

WHEELS AND TYRES: 12-inch steel wheels with home-made moon discs, Yokohama A048

165/55×12 tyres – 150mph speed rated tyres shaved to increase speed rating to 180mph.

INTERIOR: Stripped with Bonneville-spec rollcage, built-in fire extinguisher system. Standard battery position. GPS tracking equipment.