Memories of Alex from a friend


“My dear Alex, you will be sorely missed. I will treasure the memories we made together and mourn the ones we didn’t get to make. I’ll hold you in my heart throughout my journey of life and feel blessed to carry your story with me. I know you’re finally free now, just like your spirit was always when you were here. We love you.”

Jazziie Clark, Alex Renton’s best friend, reads to a large crowd gathered at Broadgreen Historic House to celebrate his life.

Rose Renton, Alex’s mother, welcomed everyone with a poem Alex had read at her wedding three days before he got sick. Speeches were then held by the family and Alex’s friends.

“I could be myself around him. He’s the friend that you can just sit next to and chill with and not have to say anything because the silence was peaceful and not awkward,” says Jazziie, “He encouraged me to be myself and be confident with my attributes. He pushed me hard in the gym and tutored me in geography when I didn’t know what the hell I was doing.”

“Another great quality that Alex had was his brutal honesty, I recall one day he picked me up from a nine hour shift, I get in his car and the first thing he says was ‘okay, one of us smells, and I’ve just had a shower’”

“Alex had all the girls after him but he was always totally oblivious to it which made me chuckle. Plenty of times I had to pull him aside after and explain to him that he was getting hit on.”

“Being in psychology class with him lead to many debates and he always challenged the teacher. He once said ‘You can’t teach me how to think, unless you’re in my head, don’t tell me how to think. He wasn’t one to scare from confrontation and always believed in standing up for himself and being heard.”

An Alexander rose was planted in the garden as a memorial to Alex and 19 green balloons were let into the sky.

Alex played for the Stoke rugby team who performed a haka along with some close friends.

The memorial was catered by the NMIT cheffing course Alex was studying in.

“They had saved some of the dipping sauces that alex had made in the course so that we could have it there,” Jazziie says.

“It was beautiful.”


Excerpts used with permission of Jazziie Clark.