Man dead after Franklyn Village assault


The man involved in a serious assault at Franklyn Village yesterday morning has died after being attacked by a 17 and 27 year old resident of the complex.

Bruce Andrew Mortimer, 46, was transferred from Nelson Hospital to Wellington Hospital yesterday in a critical condition with a head injuries.

The two men have been charged with assault with intent to injure. Police said further charges were likely.

Franklyn Village owner Liz Harris told the New Zealand Herald accommodation staff and residents were devastated after Mr Mortimer’s death.

“This is a dreadful thing to happen for our community.”

She says Mr Mortimer had been living at the accommodation building for quite some time and it was unknown where he was originally from.

“It’s quite a large complex. We have about 180 or so people living here,” she said. “We do have some people that come temporarily but others stay here for years and years – and they consider it their homes.”

She says the large complex has around 60 security cameras and everybody knows to keep a good eye on the place.

Forensic scientists are helping with a scene examination along with around 20 police staff.