Free bread popular with Victory families


Short-dated supermarket bread is being offered to families in need at the Victory Community Centre, and it’s proving to be a very popular initiative.

Rob Brown, programme and facilities coordinator at the centre, says the bread, which is supplied by Fresh Choice Nelson, is being offered every weekday. It is collected by either himself or another staff member on their way to centre each morning.

“We get a range of bread including budget white or wholemeal loaves, as well as garlic bread, foccacia, soup rolls and speciality breads. We put it out front of the centre at around 8.30am weekdays, and by 9am it is usually all gone,” he says. Families are allowed to take up to two loaves a day.

“It always goes quicker during the school term – people tend to pick up a loaf after they have dropped their kids at school, and we tend to get regulars coming every day,” he says.

He says the local families are very appreciative. “I’ve had comments from a family who can’t afford bread, saying that they really appreciate it – this effectively is their food for the week,” he says.

“Families are also able to use our kitchen and use our toaster, butter and spreads if they need to.”

The centre also gets fruit, vegetables and assorted household items donated to them for distribution in the community from time to time, and Rob says they are always happy to distribute food.