Family safe after Kawai St blaze


A working smoke alarm may have saved the lives of three people after a fire started in the kitchen of their family home.

Three fire engines attended the Kawai St South blaze at around 10.20am along with police who have cordoned off the street.

Senior station officer Rob Allan says an offensive attack was carried out with two high pressure deliveries

“We had a smoke column issuing from the house. The main scene of the fire seemed to be in the kitchen area at the south western end of the house. four men with breathing apparatus entered through the front door.”

He says the fire was put out within 10 minutes before fire fighters carried out ventilation procedures.

“A secondary search was carried out so we could make sure all the occupants had left.”

Rob says around 10-15% of the house was fire damaged but there was further smoke damage to the rest of the house.

The occupants, believed to be a woman and two children, are being cared for by neighbors up the road with their dog.

Fire services are currently investigating the cause of the blaze.

“Once the house is free of carcinogenic contaminants and any products of combustion then we will go in and thoroughly investigate to see if we can arrive at a supposed cause,” Rob says.