The Trafalgar Centre’s future is uncertain, and could be bulldozed unless a solution that doesn’t cost tens of million of dollars can be found. Photo: Andrew Board.

Councillors to discuss Trafalgar Centre stability


Investigations into the stability of the Trafalgar Centre, and the ground below it, will be presented to councillors at an extraordinary meeting next Thursday.

Engineering firm ARUP was commissioned by Nelson City Council to carry out additional testing on the stability of the ground and the building, supplementing initial research conducted by Tonkin & Taylor.

The council’s project manager, Richard Kirby, will be presenting these results to the council and explaining how they impact on structural strengthening work.

He will also be talking the council through the most appropriate choices and the likely costs involved.

Mr Kirby says the results are significant and will help further guide the council into making a decision on the future of the centre.

“We all realise it’s been a lengthy process and not having access to the Trafalgar Centre has been a source of frustration for many Nelsonians.

“However it’s crucial that the council gets this right and makes the best decision to ensure the safety of our residents, and I believe what I will be presenting to the council enables them to do this,” he says.

Nelson Mayor Rachel Reese says she is looking forward to receiving the report and appreciates the effort that has gone into bringing a comprehensive proposition together on what has been a challenging engineering problem.

“This is too big a decision to rush or to make a call based on insufficient information.”

“Now we have some comprehensive advice to work with and have the opportunity to reopen the Trafalgar Centre.

“I look forward to being able make the right choice for Nelson,” she says.

The meeting begins at 11am on 16 July.