Council to continue wood burner discussions


Wood burners will again come under the council spotlight in a second public meeting to update the community on progress with its Air Plan Review.

The council will hold the public meeting at the Trafalgar Pavilion from 5.30pm to 7pm on Thursday July  30.

A previous meeting held in March was used by council to better understand key issues from the community and how these could be addressed through the review.

Along with a general update, the upcoming meeting will summarise feedback received so far, discuss the various options the review will consider and check whether any suggestions have been missed.

The aim of the review is to find a fair and reasonable solution to keeping people warm in their homes while still meeting the National Environmental Standard for Air Quality (NESAQ) set by the Government.

The Nelson Air Quality Plan was passed in 2004 which successfully cleared up Nelson’s poor air quality. Eleven years on some say it’s gone too far and there is plenty of room to allow clean air woodburners back into some parts of Nelson.

A working party was set up to investigate options last year.

Council say those interested are welcome to attend part or all of the meeting. Feedback forms will be circulated at the meeting.