Triple yolk cracked in Nelson


What are the chances of cracking an egg open and finding three yolks? 25 million to one.

Less likely than being on a plane with a drunken pilot: 117 to one.
Less likely than dating a supermodel: 88,000 to one.
Less likely than winning Olympic medal: 662,000 to one.
Less likely than being killed by lightning : 2.3 million to one.
Less likely than becoming a saint: 20 million to one.

Victoria Goode is hoping to strike it rich with a lotto ticket, a 38 million to one chance with powerball, after her son discovered a triple yolk egg while cooking on Wednesday night.

Thomas and his dad Ian were cooking eggs in the kitchen when he called out to Victoria in the other room. Thomas had just cracked open a single and double yolked egg before sequentially breaking open the triple yolk egg.

“He was excited enough to find a double yolk and then he called me into the kitchen screaming ‘mummy, mummy there’s a three yolk egg,’” says Victoria.

She says the find caused a bit of an argument in the household over who got to eat the triple yolk egg but in the end dad Ian got to devour the lucky fry up.

Victoria says she was given the eggs from somebody who keeps free range chickens after hers stopped laying.

“My husband is spitting feathers that ours aren’t laying and someone else’s are laying eggs with double and triple yolks.”

She says the egg was bigger than the others she was given but suspected it may have only been a double, a one in a thousand chance.