Stolen bikes concern police


Nelson police want bicycle riders to start locking their bikes as the number of bike thefts around the region increases.

Community Constable Peter Crins says bikes are the most targeted and easily accessible stolen property in the Nelson Bays area and that 90 per cent of the bikes stolen are not secured. Although Peter didn’t have the latest figures for reported bike thefts, he says the number of stolen bikes that have been recovered by police is growing.

“It’s a year-round problem and at the moment we have around 40 unclaimed stolen bikes at the Nelson station and another 20 in Richmond,” Peter says. “People need to start securing their bikes and store them out of view to help prevent the thefts.”

Peter also warns that bikes should be locked even if they are being left outside a shop for “just a few seconds”.

“We had a $10,000 bike reported stolen recently. The person went into a cafe and left it outside and when they came out it was gone – it didn’t take long.”

In addition, bikes owners should record the serial number of their bikes so that they could be identified if they were stolen.

“We have all these stolen bikes at the station but we can’t give them back if we can’t be certain who owns them. And we can’t just keep storing them because we’d run out of room, so they get auctioned off about every four months.”

Peter suspects most of the stolen bikes are used by the thieves for a while and then discarded or sold.

Peter is starting a low-key preventative campaign to try and reduce the number of bike thefts, working with Neighbourhood Support to promote the secure-your-bike message.