Speeding driver clocks 150kmh to pick up Thai food


A driver was clocked in excess of 150kmh by Nelson Police over the long weekend with the explanation she was late to pick up her Thai takeaways.

That driver received an immediate roadside suspension for 28 days and will be appearing in the Nelson District Court shortly.

Nelson Bays Police say an increasing number of drivers are taking unacceptable risks with speed and as a result a number have had their licences suspended for demerit points or received roadside suspensions as a result of excessive speed.

Road Policing Senior Sergeant Grant Andrews said over Queen’s Birthday weekend speeding drivers was easily the biggest issue officers faced on the road and those unacceptable speeds have continued.

“Some of the speeds we have detected recently are just ludicrous. There are a number of drivers on the road putting other innocent road users’ lives at extreme risk and they have no right to do that,” he said.

Senior Sergeant Andrews said problem areas such as school zones and highways, including Whakatu Drive, would be getting priority attention from Police in the coming weeks.

“All of the research shows that the injuries sustained in a crash increase significantly as speed increases along with an increased risk of death. We have speed limits to try and keep everyone safe and until everyone abides by those limits we’re all at risk,” he said.

Nelson Bays Police will be conducting a range of speed enforcement operations around the Area, along with compulsory breath testing over coming weeks.