Social media helps police locate ill-equipped tramper


Several people have come forward to Nelson Police over the weekend after a call to help was put out on social media to try and located an ill-prepared tramper.

Police were notified on Saturday afternoon by a person who had concerns about a woman they had seen on the Dun Mountain walkway. The woman who was in her 60s did not appear equipped for the conditions.

An appeal on the Nelson Police Facebook page resulted in several people coming forward to police with information that enabled a search to be mounted.

Two teams of search and rescue volunteers headed into the hills on mountain bikes about 10pm. One of those teams located the woman about 1.30am on the Coppermine Track.

Senior Sergeant Shane Miles said the woman was very cold, but otherwise well. She was brought back down the track and taken for medical assessment.

Sergeant Miles said the community response to a person in need was fantastic.

“I’m extremely grateful to the people who saw this woman during the afternoon and took the time to raise their concerns with Police. Without that information we would have been unaware of this situation.

“I also want to acknowledge the work of the search and rescue volunteers. These people were more than happy to stop what they were doing on a Saturday evening and head out into the cold and dark to look for a stranger. They spent the entire night out and got back about 4am. We’re very lucky to have people with those attitudes in our community,” he said.