Scooter driver taken to hospital


A year 11 Nelson College student who crashed his scooter on Waimea Rd this afternoon was seen waving at fellow students as he was loaded into an ambulance.

Witnesses say the boy was driving his scooter along Waimea Rd and didn’t see that cars were backed up due to a red light outside Hampden St School. He then drove into the back of a stopped vehicle.

Fellow students at the scene say he was tooting at his mates when the crash occurred. He managed a wave as he was loaded into an ambulance, to let them know he was OK.

Nelson teacher, Victoria Hawke, was driving her Mitsubishi Lancer in front of the student.

“I had just left the hospital. He started following me on Franklyn St. As I was slowing for the traffic down the Waimea Rd hill I looked in my rear vision mirror and he wasn’t stopping. He hit the car and broke the windscreen.”

Damage to the rear of the Misubishi in front. PHOTO: Jacob Chandler
Damage to the rear of the Misubishi in front.
PHOTO: Jacob Chandler

She says the ordeal left her shaken but she was more worried about the boy.

“I was in shock really. I was worried about him, hoping he was okay. He was on the road and people had gathered around to see if he was okay. I didn’t see any noticeable injuries but he hit the car pretty hard. The person following behind called the ambulance.”

Victoria says her car received significant damage but she was able to drive away from the incident.

“The windscreen is smashed, the number plate is bent in and the car is quite scraped up.”

St John Ambulance, Nelson Fire Service and Police all attended the scene and the crash has caused a back up of traffic on the city-bound lane of Waimea Rd.