Rotten stumps removed from Back Beach


Eight of the 15 tree stumps at Tahunanui Back Beach have been removed after a child came close to falling through one of them.

Nelson City Council say they had an independent arborist look at the stumps and eight were removed as they were found to be rotting.

The council says the stumps were considered to be a health and safety issue.

“If someone’s child was playing on/under these and got hurt, then we would have been negligent not to have done something,” said the council via its Facebook page.

“They had to be dealt with immediately. We appreciate that these were part of the back beach landscape – and therefore only removed those that posed a danger to the public.”

Adam Hicks, one of the commenters on the post, voiced his concerns over the removal of the stumps.

“This is a real shame. I really hope due process was followed on this because you’ve removed a beautiful part of the landscape in one fell swoop without any consultation with the public.”

Kelly Gill Brydon says she believes the people should be responsible for their own health and safety while playing at the beach.

“I believe it’s called common sense. Obviously it would be sad if someone got injured but that is part of the beauty of being out in nature. You can’t eradicate all the possible dangers in the world or there will be nothing to play with.”

Rebekah Joy says there is “nothing climb worthy” left at the back beach.

“We are quite saddened by it as was one of our favourite spots.”

Some people were concerned about any further erosion the stump removal may cause to the sand dunes.

“I’m a bit more worried about the fact that there are only so many trees there. The tide line seems a lot higher up the beach than it was when we arrived seven years ago and a lot of trees have been removed,” says Bee Sparkles.