Residents stumped after car body tears up street


A bashed up car body left on Green Street has left residents stumped after it was towed down their street on Saturday night.

A white van was seen towing the car down the street scraping up the tar seal. The driver appears to have hit a tree near the Green Street Dairy and a resident’s car in the process.

Green Street resident, Barbara Christian, says she ran outside when she heard the car body being towed along.

“It sounded like a train going past it was that loud. The dog and I got outside and you could smell a burning smell, there were scratches all up and down the road.”

She says although she didn’t see the car being dragged she did manage to piece together what had happened from the marks left on the road.

“The car that was being towed was just this wreck with no wheels, not even rims. It looked like it had flung around the corner from the main road and swung out and hit the tree by the dairy before swiping a hatchback. I’m trying to imagine the minds of the people that thought that would work. It was a white colour that had left paint on the car so I assume it could have been the vehicle pulling it rather than the wreck.”

Jasmyn Cochrane was contacted by police at around 8pm with the news her Subaru Impreza had been hit.

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 12.53.58 pm
The damage to Jasmyn’s Subaru’s rear bumper and rim. PHOTO: Jasmyn Cochrane

“I was at work and the cops rang me. My next door neighbor must have heard it and called them.”

She says the incident has created a lot of mess on the road and a reasonable amount of damage to her back rim. Her car was not insured for the damage.

“My car was just shunted to the side, it was sideways a little bit. My back right hand rim has been curved and also the back bumper, thank god it missed my tail light. There’s just glass everywhere from when the car impacted my car, it’s all over the road.”

Jasmyn discovered a facebook post for the same car shell posted earlier in the day with a woman offering $100 to get rid of it from her property. She was contacted by the woman who says she knows nothing about how the vehicle was removed from her house or who did it.

“Apparently she doesn’t know who took the car. She ended up messaging me through facebook and asked how much it would cost to repair the car. She doesn’t know who it was and was going to try and help me.”

Police say the dumped vehicle is not a police issue.