Pond petition arrives at council


Pupils from Tahunaui School handed over a petition to the Nelson City Council this morning in favour of fixing up the Tahunanui Modellers Pond.

Seven pupils, along with Tahunanui Business Association spokesperson John Gilbertson, presented the petition to mayor Rachel Reese during the council meeting.

The petition has 1773 signatures so far but the Nelson Modellers Society say there are still more forms out there to be handed in.

Freya Roberts, one of the seven Tahunaui School pupils at the meeting, read from the petition in front of the council and members of the public.

“You should make the water healthy for the fish and birds. It would be weird to have a bridge with no water under it. It’s a one of a kind in New Zealand and it is special to Tahuna,” she says.

Lucy Summerfield also read to the council. She talked about how the pond, in it’s current condition, affected the model boat enthusiasts.

“[My brother Tristan] has a model boat he liked to take down there but he can’t actually drive it around because all the wood gets twisted in the propeller. Me and Tristan have to wade out in this yucky, mucky, murky water and it’s disgusting. If we fix it up then that would help a lot of people. It’s a really nice place to be.”

Dennis Moriarty presented a slideshow with historic photos of the pond and spoke to the council.

“I would just like to remind everyone of just how well this amenity has served our community for 50 or 60 years. It has a rich history of boating and present day modern heritage.”

He says the alternative venues that have been proposed are unsuitable for model boat use due to the movement of water,

“I know there have been a lot of venues that have been tossed around and I’m simply not prepared to sail my model boat in the Maitai River or in the estuary near the Honest Lawyer. A yacht pond serves a particular purpose and a pond yacht performs in a particular way.”

“I’m supporting the vote for option three to modify the pond. Nelson kids win, Nelson families win, Nelson modellers win, Nelson City Council wins, Tahunanui Business Association wins and Nelson Tourism wins. Option two is a lose, lose situation.”

Find out more in next week’s Nelson Weekly newspaper.