Nominated Nelsonians benefit from Nomin-eat


A group of community-minded cooks are helping people through tough times with their very own version of meals on wheels.

The group of 20, featuring 10 adults and 10 youth, met at Destiny Church and were kicking around ideas about how they could help the community, when the idea of “Nomin-eat” was settled upon.

Nomin-eat asks for nominations through its Facebook page for those who could use a free meal. The group then cooks a batch of 50 meals and delivers it to those who they feel are the most deserving.

Founding member Joni Nacagilevu says last month they cooked enough lasagne for 50 main meals and then delivered them over the next week.

He says nominees included those who were recovering from surgery, solo parents with plenty of kids to feed and some who were just going through a tough time financially.

“Sometimes, people just need that hand and hopefully this can just take that pressure off. It’s not a hand-out where we pity them, it’s just a hand-along,” he says.

Joni says the project is funded by its members at the moment but he’d like to attract sponsorship in the future to help it grow. He says nominations are open for two weeks, then the group get together one night and cook enough food for the 50 meals and the rest of the week is spent delivering them.

If anyone would like to nominate a person simply head along to the group’s Facebook page. If you’d like to donate food products or money to help the group fund the programme, email Joni on [email protected]