Art Bots take over Richmond Mall


Young visitors to the Richmond Mall on Sunday had the opportunity to create their very own ”Art Bot” as part of an activity set up my the Ministry of Inspiration.

Art Bots are motor powered creatures designed to hold felt-tip pens and create squiggly lines when placed on paper.

Ministry of Inspiration president, Leanne Pressman, says the Art Bot idea was created to teach kids a little bit about electronics and motors safely while having a fun and creative time decorating them.

“Its a combination of science and technology skills with art, it’s not until you actually put the art with the science that you actually start to get the brain cells engaged and things take off,” she says. “Our niche for the ministry of inspiration is to always merge that art with the science and get that going.”

Kids have designed Art Bots in all sorts of shapes from gnomes to spiders to battlebots.

The Ministry of Inspiration was set up three years ago as a way to encourage children to learn more about science.

“We started up because we didn’t see enough science happening on a regular basis and we thought we could help fix that. We wanted to introduce new ideas into term breaks.”

Ministry of Inspiration is a registered charity. They operate a children’s holiday programme over the school breaks and organise the student Inspire conference each year.