Valuables ditched from stolen car 


A car stolen in Wakefield overnight was found ditched in Prince’s Drive, the latest in a string of car thefts over the past month.

Brittany Jacobsen says her partner’s vehicle was stolen from their back section Tuesday night, taken for a joy ride and found smashed up on the Port Hills. Bizarrely, anything of value was either left on the side of the road near Brittany’s house or thrown out the window during the joy ride to Nelson.

“My daughter’s car seat, her toys, our wallets were all left on the side of the road, along with a full box of beer, that wasn’t ours, I don’t know where that came from,” says Brittany. “Everything from our wallets was taken but the wallets themselves were left and everything else was thrown out the car window on the way to town.”

It’s the latest car theft in the area. Last week, cars were stolen from Brightwater and Richmond and found burning at the Appleby River.

Brittany says she was told that another car was stolen from Richmond on the same night that hers went missing and she is shocked that their car was the one stolen.

“When you come up our street there’s all these cars parked on the side of the road and not one of them was targeted and our place is on a back section and we have two German Shepherds so it wouldn’t have been the easiest to steal.”

She says both cars were locked and her partner received a call at six o’clock this morning telling him the car was found in town. “We were shocked. My partner went to bed about 11.30pm and then my sister, who works night shift, got home about 3.30am so I’m guessing it would have been between 12 and 3.”

She says the insurance assessor has sent the car to a panel beater to see whether it will be a write-off or not.

Police were unavailable for immediate comment.