Reverend not impressed with cone vandals


Those looking up at Christ Church Cathedral today may have noticed something odd about the flagpole. A road cone has been placed on top of the flag pole at the top of the Cathedral’s tower.

Reverend Nick Kirk says he was notified earlier today about the cone and believes the tower was climbed externally.

Cone use 2“I don’t think it was climbed internally, there wouldn’t be access. You’d have a job getting up there, you need to have access codes and things like that to get in the back, you also need a key to the different doors to get through. I think they’ve gone up the outside which is obviously dangerous.”

He says he is not impressed with the efforts and has fears around the safety of those who may try and scale the tower.

“It’s a very risky thing to do, to take a cone up there in the first place. We often do have kids that try and climb up on the roof and things. They used to climb up the gutters on the outside and they were pretty much wrecked. We had to have the plumbers come in.”

He says Cathedral staff are in discussions about removing the cone.

“There are some people from the climbing club who are going to come in and get it down at some point.”