New bins on their way for Tasman


Around 17,000 properties in the Tasman District are set to receive a new 240 litre recycling bin from May 18.

The larger bin is being introduced to the recycling route as part of an improved recycling service designed to reduce landfill waste.

Existing blue crates will still be able to be used for glass only with the new yellow lidded black bins being used for paper, cardboard, cans and plastic.

Rubbish will be collected weekly with recycling collected on a bi-weekly basis. The service will start on June 29 with no increase in cost.

Bins will be allocated to each specific address with a unique number and address printed on the side. An information booklet and a collection calendar will be included under the lid. Tasman Distric Council are asking all residents to use their existing blue crate for all recycling until the new service starts. The new bin should not be used until June 29.