VIDEO: Nelson pupil breaks NZ Pi record


A Nelson pupil has beaten the New Zealand record for recalling the decimal places of Pi this afternoon as part of the Nayland College Pi-Off.

Seventeen year old Blake Winstanley successfully recalled Pi to 2893 decimal places, overtaking the current New Zealand record of 1508, set in 2008, by almost double.

Blake set the previous Nayland College record last year at 1304 decimal places and now places 47th in the world for being able to recall Pi.

Blake says he was stoked to be the top in the country but had a few nervous moments during the marking.

“there were a few points where I was unsure about what I wrote and when I saw the markers pass those points I was pretty confident I had the record.”

Blake says he is stoked with his results but would like to try and set a higher score.

“I think I might have another go at the end of the year if other stuff doesn’t get in the way. I’m still not at my peak yet”

He is heading off to Wellington next year to complete a double degree in commerce and law.

Head of mathematics, John Walker says the event also focused on other students and teachers who took the challenge to test their memory recall in order to earn house points.

He says there is a huge amount of support towards competing students from the house captains.

A photograph of Blake’s whiteboard recall and witness results will be sent away for verification.