Kawasaki bike launched in Nelson


Back in 1972 Kawasaki released a beast. Its model number was H2 Mach 4 and it was a 750cc. It was a 3 cylinder two stroke, a bad tempered monster. Like most of the bikes in those days it didn’t handle, struggled to brake but went hellishly fast in a straight line. In fact it was the fastest and king of the road until Kawasaki bought out the new 4 cylinder Z900.

Fast forward 43 years and we find ourselves again at the launch of yet another Kawasaki bike that is set to become a big part of motorcycle history.

The new Z1000H2 a four cylinder supercharged is a piece of art. At first glance carbon fibre appearance with the traditional green sleeked into the overall look. It pumps out a massive 220 hp.

Now lets put that into perspective. A new 1700cc Harley puts out about 70 hp, a Vespa 150cc about 35hp and the new Triumph tiger about 147 hp. Oh and Kawasaki get better than that with the new 1000R version at 240hp. Unfortunately, and always the way, unavailable and completely sold out within the American market.

Now this type of hyping up engines is nothing new as the new range of Ford cars is about to show us.

Engines small in size but matched to trick gearboxes with turbo or supercharging taking over. So as usual it seems Kawasaki again start leading the way.

This is a rare model and released in partnership with local Nelson dealer Filco Farm and Sport. The low numbers allocated for the New Zealand market will make it a sought after and hard to get.

It’s not a big bike in size, it has no oversize about it in fact, normal tyres, lights, seat and tank but hear it running and you know it’s different. A space age look and a throaty growl that’s not familiar to us yet due to its supercharger, it’s all a pretty compact package. This bike will appeal to the thinner smaller rider who is still quite fit as I am sure you will need to be to ride the H2 comfortably.

And it looks fast, very fast.  Kawasaki also put out some magnificent cruisers and dual purpose models in their range so the choice is yours.

Filco Farm and Sport owner Dave Filer says he felt very privileged to be chosen by Kawasaki not only for the release of the new 1000 but also that this one is for sale from the Nelson dealership. And it’s nice to see KHI (Kawasaki Heavy Industries) once again lead the way in the superbike stakes. Price $37,500 plus on road costs.