Blackboard lets Nelsonians share their views


A blackboard was installed in Montgomery Square on Sunday to give Nelsonians a way to share their views on what would make their lives in the city better.

The initiative, installed by Voice Nelson, with approval from the Nelson City Council, is a way of encouraging those whose voices aren’t usually heard to express their opinions, Voice Nelson spokesman Bryan Hardie Boys said.

“I’m concerned that society is not as fair as I would like it to be. For many, their voices aren’t heard. The blackboard is a small way of giving those whose voices aren’t heard, or those who don’t use more formal channels, like writing submissions, to share their views about what would make life better for them,” he said.

Each day, a Voice Nelson member will record the messages on the blackboard. The views gathered over the month will be collated and grouped into themes and used to inform Voice Nelson’s work and be shared with Nelson City Council and relevant community groups.

Hardie Boys hopes people will use the blackboard and see it as a way of contributing to strengthening community in their city.
The blackboard, which is attached to the toilet block, will be trialled for a month.