VIDEO: Wairua Warrior tests obstacle enthusiasts


Teams and individuals tested their will power this morning in the Wairua Warrior obstacle race.

The event was held at Happy Valley Adventures in Cable Bay where entrants could compete in either a six kilometer obstacle course or run or a double lap at 12km.

Event organiser Greg Witika says he is pleased with how the event took shape.

“The day has been fantastic. We had a really good contingent of people coming through for our first event.”

He says he is already thinking ahead to next year’s course.

Triple One Care dealt with a few sprained ankles but Nelson manager, Lisa Mellish, says there were no major injuries.

“These guys have been so pumped up and they’re having so much fun that all they want to do is just carry on. I’m guessing that when they come to the bottom we might have to attend to some of them.”

Nelson Live attended the event to capture all the muck, sweat and teamwork of the challenge.