Triathlon a generational affair


Around 240 women are competing in the McFadden McMeeken Phillips Lawyers Nelson Women’s Triathlon this morning.

Event organiser, Averil West, says a lot of contestants are competing because their families have competed before.

“A lot of them are second or third generation. The Triathlon has been going for 28 years. People say ‘mum did it, now I want to.’ ”

62 of the contestants are first timers who have never run in a triathlon before.

Contestants could either run five kilometres or walk three kilometres before road cycling 14 kilometres. The swim takes place at Riverside Pool where contestants swim four lengths of the pool, equivalent to 120 metres.

Averil says part of the fun is getting out of it what you put in.

“It’s relaxed, they can take it as seriously as they want to. The women are not working in teams so all three disciplines make it a personal challenge.”

There are a number of sections women are competing in including placings for new mums and first timers.