Stranger tells boy to pee in cup


A man stopped a Nelson College student while he was walking down the street and forced him to urinate into a cup, it is alleged.

A source has told Nelson Live the boy was walking down the street when a man driving a car pulled up next to him, demanding a urine sample.

Police confirmed they are investigating the incident but did not have any further details.

“We are investigating a report of a man in a car asking a boy to give a urine sample. Until the matter has been investigated and the facts established we cannot make further comment,” said police spokesperson Barbara Dunn.

Nelson College headmaster Gary O’Shea also confirmed the incident had occurred but was unwilling to provide further information.

“A student was approached by a man. The boy is fine and we’re still trying to get to the bottom with police as to what occurred. It’s in their hands now,” he said.