Ships in Port Nelson Today


At 6.30am the Kaharoa NIWA research vessel berthed at Amatal Fisheries. She has the ability to endure 30 days at sea and features a hiab crane plus a number of winches. She has space to sleep five scientific staff and 5 crew.

08:16 the Eagle TALN LNP will be birthing at  Amatal Fisheries carrying fish from from sea.

The ANL Euroa container vessel will be berthing at the Main Wharf South carrying containers from Lyttelton at 9am. She will depart to wellington at 8.30pm.

At 9pm the Voyager local fishing vessel will be berthing at the McGlashen Quay North carrying containers from sea.

The Chengtu general cargo ship will be departing the Brunt Q carrying containers to Melbourne, Australia at 9pm.

At 7pm the Amaltal Apollo will be departing Amatal Fisheries.