Ships in Port Nelson Today


The Hebe container vessel berthed at the Main Wharf South carrying containers from Melbourne at 5am this morning. She departs again to Auckland at 5pm.

At 8.16 the Eagle will be birthing at the Amatal Fisheries carrying fish from sea.

The Tampa Bay log vessel will be berthing at the Kingsford Quay at 12am. She is a Hong Kong vessel built in 2007. Her gross tonnage is 17979t.

The Patricia Schulte container vessel departed the Main Wharf South carrying containers to Wellington at 4am this morning.

At 7am the Amaltal Atlantis local fishing vessel will be departing Amatal Fisheries carrying bunkers to to sea. She will be followed at 12pm by the Pacific Worker tugs, also carrying bunkers to sea.

The Amaltal Apollo will be departing Amatal Fisheries at 6pm followed by the Ocean Pioneer local fishing vessel at 11.59pm