Reserving car park not on


For over a year a Stoke resident has been reserving her own park on Lichfield St, but Nelson City Council says she has no right to.

A neighbour of the cheeky driver, who did not wish to be named, posted this photo on Facebook of the car park after the woman had left.

“She keeps these cones in her car and when she drives off she places the cone,” said the neighbour.

He questioned the legality of saving a park just for her own car but says he has seen police walk past the spot without any intervention.

A council spokesperson told Nelson Live they’ll make sure the cone gets put away for good. “They have no authorisation to put a cone there and we don’t encourage such activity. Nor would we encourage other people to get involved themselves.”

A council staff member is going to attempt to speak to the person involved to have a chat about the issue, he said.

One commenter, Madison Gibson, says she would park there just to cause a stir.

“If this was my street I would throw the cone away and reverse my car out of my drive way just to park there.”

Erica Sim also commented on the picture suggesting what the woman is doing isn’t illegal.

“Sneaky but not sure it’s illegal. People certainly get worked up over what they think is their right. Probably the cone was misappropriated so that’s illegal. A bit like the plastic boxes people had that said stolen from Talleys!”