READER SUBMISSION: Book with a difference


Adrienne Frater loves to write for children. Most stories in this collection have been broadcast by National Radio or published in the iconic School Journal or anthologised. Her stories are characterised by their energy and quirky humour.

On 19 April, Adrienne Frater will be launching ‘Flying Free’, her collection of children’s stories at the Granary, Founders.

Adrienne says she writes letters to the reader in the book so they get to know her.

“This is not just any collection. Each story is introduced by a letter addressed to the reader. As well as explaining where the story came from, the letters allow the reader to get to know the writer in a more personal way.”

The inspiration for this book came from Adrienne’s family who asked that she publish their favourite stories in book form. Before long this truly became a family project as Adrienne’s grandchildren and their friends each chose a story to illustrate.

She says some of her inspiration comes from the local area.

“Some stories are set in Nelson, two in Golden Bay and the rest are from all over. The book is suitable for children between the ages of 7 and 13, though adults pick it up and kept turning the pages.”

Titles include: ‘Slippery Dipper’, ‘Anna’s Blue Ghost’, ‘Wriggles,’ ‘Megabyte’, ‘Jelly Belly’ and ‘The Unbirthday Birthday’.

The book will soon be available in bookshops and copies can be ordered by emailing Adrienne.