Poor posture prompts evolutionary mural


An increase in digital device use has prompted a new mural depicting the step back in evolution due to the poor posture from electronic use.

The mural, completed today by Hazel McColl, was commissioned for Equilibrium chiropractors as a “fun take” on the health issues arising from poor posture. It is located at the back of their Church Street premises on Crisps Lane.

Equilibrium directer, Hayden Thomas, says they decided to have the mural painted to spruce up a blank wall of the Chiropractors while sending a clear message about posture.

“It’s a fun take on the idea that we have maybe reached our pinnacle and are actually in decline. We’ve seen that kind of imagery before and it’s just a really neat way of showing where we’ve come from as an evolutionary concept. now that we have changed our environment with modern day technology we are seeing problems.”

He says Hazel stenciled the image off a projected image one evening.

“It’s amazing how much information can be conveyed with just some simple shapes and black paint. We’ve had some people walk past and they love it. All the street art in Nelson just makes out community more lively. Art is all about making you think and getting your message across. It’s not about branding, it’s an important art and concept and we didn’t want to see our back wall go to waste.”

Hayden says on average people spend 195 minutes on their smartphone a day. He says this is leading to a wide range of posture problems, especially due to the reduced screen size.

“We’re seeing forward head carriage and shoulders, it starts creating a lot of problems with spinal function. You get reduced range of motion and muscle tension problems. Your organ systems can eventually get affected and your breathing. There are a lot of different consequences poor posture has over time on your body.”

He says he is seeing more and more young people with spinal issues from hunching over electronic devices.

“Instead of young people out climbing trees how kids should they are spending more and more time on their screens. If you sit down on your device all day you feel quite tired and lethargic. If you actually spend some time moving you feel better for it.”