Kid snapped behind wheel


Peering through the windows of a car parked at Fresh Choice Nelson, one woman couldn’t help but notice the funny sight before her.

Justine Jamieson was surprised to find a goat sitting in the driver’s seat of the vehicle in the supermarket car park on Thursday evening and had to snap a quick picture.

“I thought ‘this goat has driven itself and its dog’. I didn’t believe it, I had to take a photo.”

Owner of the goat, Miranda Levett, was tracked down by someone who saw the photo on Justine’s Facebook page. She says it’s a common occurrence for her to take six month old Otis and her dog Spot on her car rides.

“I had just taken him out for a walk. I had to go in and grab something for dinner. They pretty much go everywhere with me. He loves car rides, he hangs his head out the window and his big floppy ears flap in the wind.”

She says occasionally she gets a bit of a strange look.

“I get the odd double take. I think people think it’s a dog before realising it’s a goat.”

Miranda raised Otis from hand when he became orphaned after he was born.

“He’s really docile and he’s quite protective. He’s just a silly little kid, quite similar to having a dog I guess.