Girl, 14, supplied alcohol in Richmond


A Wakefield man will appear in court after supplying alcohol to a 14 year old girl in Richmond.

The girl was found with a quantity of alcohol in Washbourn Gardens on the night of the Last of the Harvest Fare event on March 21 and told police she had given money to an 18 year old man who had then purchased the alcohol for her.

The man, a Wakefield resident, will appear in the Nelson District Court on April 14. The maximum penalty for the offense is $2000.

Alcohol harm reduction officer, sergeant Steve Savage, says the incident should serve as a warning to others that police will take action where possible against those supplying alcohol to under age people.

“The consequences of any young person being supplied alcohol in this manner could be disastrous. Young people are vulnerable without the added risk of being compromised by intoxication.”

He described the actions of anyone purchasing alcohol for minors as “reckless”.