Dog found on neighbours roof


After a frantic search through the neighborhood for a Jack Russell, the last place owner, Matt Grant, expected to find him was on the neighbour’s roof.

Polly, a six-month-old Jack Russel had gone missing from her Nelson address sparking a search through the surrounding area, reported 3News.

Matt says he drove around the streets whistling out and door knocking before deciding to call the SPCA.

As he went upstairs to make the call he spotted Polly sitting in the shade of his neighbours roof.

“She was just sitting there looking like a right dickhead,” he said.

There is no outside access to the roof and Matt suspects Polly got onto the roof from a window in the neighbour’s house.

He says he can’t even work out how she would get into the house.

“I can’t find a cat door or anything so I’ve got no clue.”

Polly was eager to get down when Matt leaned over his fence to grab her.

“I think she was pretty happy to get back down. She looked nervous because I don’t think she likes the heights”

He says he’ll have to check around the house to work out Polly’s escape plan.