Elections a crushing blow to Male supporters


UPDATED: Only one member of the “progressive” Neville Male-backed group of candidates has been elected onto the new Nelson Grey Power board, meaning power has now well and truly slipped from the former president’s grasp.

The Nelson Grey Power AGM was held in Stoke today and the membership confirmed Gordon Currie as the president with incumbent vice president Kevin Gardener re-elected.

The AGM was a blow for the pro-Male group who had hoped to take control of the management board at the elections. Instead the membership voted for Pam Coltman as secretary and Pat Carrick as treasurer. Other board members are Bob Hancock, Pauline Daly, Wyn Cozens, Linda O’Dea, George Truman, Dan McGuire, Nigel Bailey and Kay Price. The vote for the ninth and final board member was a tie between Peter Johnston and Ron Oates, both Male supporters. Only one of those will make it to the board.

Kevin Gardener says the AGM was long and hard but he was thrilled with the outcome. He says the membership has also vowed to revisit the group’s constitution “owing to the dog’s breakfast that it is”.

Gordon Curries was unavailable for comment but previously endorsed the previous management board, which was re-elected.

Kevin says he hopes the results will put an end to months of warring between the two factions of Grey Power, which included the management committee that he led and the former president Neville Male, who was expelled from the organisation at the start of the year.