Cars stuck in mud after truck spill


Three staff at Crombie Lockwood in Richmond could be making a detour to the car wash on the way home after their cars were splattered with mud from a truck that lost its load on Oxford St this morning.

“My partner texted me and said go check your car”, Crombie Lockwood’s Michelle Weir says. “We went outside and took photos because there were some big stones.”

A total of four cars parked on the eastern side of Oxford St near Washbourn Gardens and about 30m of road were covered in the mud.

Michelle says they are concerned that the mud may contain abrasive material that could damage their cars.

“It could have been worse. It could have been  paint or larger rocks but I won’t try and rub it off because it could scratch the paint.

“Accidents happen, it wasn’t intentional and if there’s an insurance claim, we’re in the right business.  Hopefully, whoever did it will come forward.”

Council’s Chris Choat says a contractor was called in independently to clean up the mess. Chris says they don’t know who was responsible for the incident.