A car parked at the end of Hope St in central Nelson has been a hit on the website "Imgur". Photo: Imgur.

Car parking fail on Hardy St


An elderly lady’s poor parking has proven a hit on-line and has also caused a few laughs around Hardy St.

A photo of a car parked at the corner of Hope and Hardy Sts was uploaded onto “Imgur” website and as of this morning had attracted 33,949 views. It was also shared on Facebook and Reddit.

Kylie Carter-Rangi, of Kudos Food, says the car was parked there for about 45 minutes on Wednesday morning. “The neighbours in the street all took photos. I saw the woman get back in her car, a local woman in about her 70s.”

Comments on the website Reddit included this one from user AllMadHare: “I wonder if the first hour of parking is still free. But seriously, this town has a real problem with shitty drivers. I hope they get ticketed.”

Another user, kiwidave, said: “Not just Nelson, it’s a SI thing. Coming down from Wellington the comparison is shocking. People down here just do whatever they feel like on the road.”