Nelson environment to receive funding lift


A funding injection into the Nelson Nature programme will help council to better manage our natural resources.

As part of Nelson City Council’s increased focus on its regional authority responsibilities, Nelson’s natural environment is proposed to receive more than half a million dollars a year in the draft Long Term Plan.

Ten initial projects will make up the programme, as put forward by the Nelson Biodiversity Forum and Council. These include working with urban and rural waterways, native bush, significant natural areas and coastal habitats.

These projects aim to protect and enhance Nelson’s biodiversity by introducing targeted “actions on the ground”, says Nelson Mayor Rachel Reese.

“Our focus is on getting things done rather than arguing over rules in resource management documents. Nelson Nature will significantly boost the conservation and ecological work Council currently carries out for both public and private land, working alongside community groups, landowners and agencies. It also supports the aims of the Nelson Biodiversity Strategy to create an ecologically rich and sustainable future for Nelson through aligned action on biodiversity,” she says.

The proposed programme will help increased animal, pest and weed control in areas with high biodiversity values as well as planting to help reduce rural pollutants.

landowners will be encourages to retire unproductive land with council implementing pest control and plant native species to provide habitat and food for native wildlife.

“Previously the Council has spent $50,000 each year for riparian and biodiversity projects on private land and to support community groups in this work, as well as having some budget to manage Council’s environmental reserves.  Nelson Nature is a major step up and designed to result in much better outcomes for Nelson’s natural heritage,” says Mayor Reese.

“We think Nelson’s environment deserves this focus, however we want to hear the community’s thoughts about this proposal before any final decisions are made. I encourage people to have their say on Nelson Nature through the submission process for the Long Term Plan.”