Trafalgar Centre is now closed.

Process started to fix Trafalgar Centre


Progress is being made towards reopening the Trafalgar Centre with early contract work now out for tender.

A ground assessment has been commissioned with a truck mounted probe on site next week to undertake necessary ground assessments.

The resulting information will be analysed and the final outcomes will be presented in time for the early contract work.

The most cost-effective option will be chosen from the assessment before a detailed design is completed.

A report on the process and outcomes will be reported to council on 30 April.

The manager of Capital Projects, Shane Davies says: “We are very excited that the process to reopen the Trafalgar Centre is one step closer.

“It reinforces Council’s commitment to making this a reality.”

The aim is to have the seismic assessment completed and a decision made on the tender by the end of June 2015.

Tenders close on Wednesday 15th April.