Ships in Port Nelson Today


Along with the usual container vessels and fishing boats today keep a look out for the cement ship coming in from Westport.

At 8.15am The BELLA container vessel will be birthing at the Brunt Q carrying containers from Melbourne. She we carry on her journey tonight to Auckland at 7.30pm

At 9am The San Nikunau will be birthing at the Lay Up Berth 1. She is the largest vessel in the Sealord tuna fleet at 79.69m long. She will depart again at 11pm carrying bunkers to sea.

The Westport Holcem Cement ship will be birthing at the Main Wharf South at 10:15am. She will depart tonight at 5pm.

At 6.45am The 222.14m long Maersk Jaun container vessel will be departing the Main Wharf South carrying containers to Wellington. She bares the flag of Switzerland.

The Western Ranger will be departing the Lay Up Berth 2 carrying bunkers to to Sea at 8pm